FAQ: Why doesn't my Leapster2 respond to the stylus pen?

Please note that the below FAQ is for Leapster2 units only.
If you have the Classic Leapster System please see below.

If your Leapster2 does not respond to the stylus pen, it needs to be calibrated.  
Calibrating the Leapster2 is easy:
1) Ensure that a game cartridge is not inserted in the Leapster2
2) Hold down the Hint (?) button while turning the unit on. Continue to hold the Hint button down until the LEAPSTER2 menu appears. Remember that you need to hold the "Hint" button down the whole time while you are pressing the power button, and releasing it.

3) The LEAPSTER2 menu will show the options Base Info, Cart1 Info, Cart2 Info, Cart3 Info, and Touch Calib.  If you do not see this menu after powering on the Leapster2, turn the Leapster2 off and repeat steps 1 & 2 until you see the menu.


4) When the LEAPSTER2 menu screen appears, press the A button on your handheld.
5) Using the stylus pen, touch each of the crosshairs that appear
6) Restart unit

For Leapster 2 Classic Unit:
If your Leapster does not respond to the stylus pen, it needs to be calibrated.
The following are instructions for calibrating the Leapster™ handheld.
(1) Insert a cartridge, turn the unit on and wait for the sign-in screen to appear.
(2) Hold down the Home, Hint and B buttons simultaneously.
(3) When the screen changes, press the A button.
(4) Using the Stylus, touch the center of the targets.

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