FAQ: How to Get ALL 4 Starter Games For Leapster 2 for FREE

When you bought your NEW Leapster 2, LeapFrog will allow you to download ONLY ONE (1) starter game from LeapFrog Connect. You'll NOT get the other 3. So, to get the other 3 for FREE, you need to buy another 3 Leapster 2 Console. Make sure that you download different game for each one.

So, when you have all the DIFFERENT games for each of your Leapster, only then you can transfer each of the games to your PC and transfer them back from your PC to your Leapster 2.

FURTHERMORE, you need to buy SPECIAL EDITION Star Wars Leapster 2 to get Star Wars Games, SPECIAL EDITION TOY STORY 2 Leapster to get Toys Story 2 and so on... Some of them has been provided by Leapfrog by chance...

Hei, why you need to have too many Leapster 2?
Just get all of the GAMES at very reasonable price HERE
You are NOT ONLY get ALL 4 Starter Games, BUT ALSO additional 9 Playable DEMO games!!!

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