FAQ: Where is the slot to install the SD card?

The slot for the SD card is inside the battery compartment. It is directly across from the hole the battery cover screws into.
The Leapster2 will overwrite any existing files written on your card from another device.  Be sure to use a new card or a card with data that can be erased.
**Note: This question and answer is not applicable to Leapster2's that come with a built in SD card.  Leapster2's with built in SD cards do not have an accessible SD card slot in the battery compartment. Please see below picture, and note that there is a screw, this version does not need an SD card as it is built in.**

Below is how to insert the SD CARD in SD CARD Slot for Leapster 2:
1. Make sure the card is in the following position:
 2. Insert the card properly until it reach the its end.
3. Your Leapster 2 should now read your card.

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